The community served by 4CCP is endowed with different economic activities due to their differences in culture, Hadzabe are naturally hunters and gatherers, Datooga are still involving themselves in large scale livestock keeping, Iraqws are doing large scale agriculture while the Bantu community is practicing mixed economy.

Towards addressing the economic challenges in this diverse community, the following are key activities.

  • Entrepreneurship education and establishment of micro-financing groups, this aims at enabling them towards adding value on the products of their economy. Value addition can help them have standards on what they would like to sell in the market within and outside their reach. About 200 IR-VICOBA have been formed.
  • Open up opportunities in the world market (national and international), having managed value addition especially with the Hadzabe honey, they have managed to sell their honey in the international festivals such as Kilifare as well as managing at the local market.
  • Value addition in agriculture has been the key program in this phase, using the recommended agriculture practices such as follow up on the seasons, using improved seeds and fertilizers

Economic growth and development issues go adjacent with the rising of the level of awareness of the community on what they should do as well as how accountable the government should be given the taxes and duties paid by the citizens.

4CCP uses the democratic and accountability approach under the government’s guidelines and regulations such as the constitution on the right to acquire information and other directories (attached mwongozo wa PETS)

Facilitation of the Formation of community teams the so called Public Expenditure Tracking system committee which foresees the actual income and expenditures at the village and ward levels on the projects supervised by both local and central government. About 15 PETS groups have been formed to track water related funds, classrooms, revenue in the villages.

In any community rooted with strong cultural ties, gender issues seem to be of the common practice, we have had several programs such as the school programs, champion programs and dealing with gender cases in the community as well as providing the legal aid. Returning her to school program has also been an effective way of bringing about a sense of value for both males and females in the community.

With the assistance of women legal aid center (WLAC) there has been continuous efforts to provide education to the community on land issues and solve land disputes, marriage issues, rape etc.

With the communication for change program, we introduced The establishment of the youth programs under “4CCP Champion clubs” has not be for engulfing the other youth programs which are present in schools like the Malihai club, FEMA and others, but this is another way of bringing up students’ ability basically by building in them the capacity in their thinking, capacity, leadership, power to make proper decisions in life, and the actual performance in different activities.


  1. Bringing up awareness to youth on the value of interfaith issues with the terror of interfaith problems facing Tanzania today.
  2. Entrepreneurship skills.
  3. Leadership skills.
  4. Essay competitions (topics set on current issues and most challenging issues in the community)
  5. Proper and improper behaviors in the society.
  6. Capacity building on education (help them maximize their opportunities in carrier choice in life)
  7. Environmental issues; that is fighting for the environmental justice as a global issue.
  8. Professional approach seminars.

Modality of the program delivery.

  1. Capacity Building seminars in their respective schools and the monthly programs. (students)
  2. Establishment of the “YOUTH GROUPS”
  3. VISION. Our objective is very simple, yet very effective, “To assist and guide Youths towards better future, By providing them with critical information related to Education and other LIFE CENTERED ISSUES as a CAPITAL for each one’s life WITH A major slogan, “ Get the proper Information to maximize your choices that will help you become a CHAMPION in the future”
  4. MISSION. Champions will be the result of having proper information through the capacity building seminars, academic competitions, talents exploration, academic tours and carrier presentation as well as other entrepreneurship skills presentations

Water is the major challenge in the 4CCP catchment area, hygiene and sanitation issues has also been the major challenges, all leading to tremendous problems in community such as cholera, dysentery, amoeba, diarrhea and typhoid.

The proposed intervention on water supply aims to improve the health of 50,228 people through increasing access to clean and safe water, and improving the hygiene and sanitation practices of local communities in ten villages of Mkalama, Mbulu and Hanang districts, Tanzania. In Mkalama, Mbulu and Hanang districts district only 25% and 35% respectively of the population have access to potable water and people frequently use open shallow wells, which are vulnerable to contamination. Lack of water supply is having a significant impact on the quality of education due to the time lost by teachers and pupils collecting water from long distances, as well as having a detrimental impact on hygiene in schools. 50% of people who visited health centre in the past year have been diagnosed as suffering from water borne diseases.

This project targets at drilling and installing boreholes, solar powered water projects near primary schools, villages and communities. Towards bringing a sense of ownership and accountability and sustainability, each village contributes to the project by providing initial capital, labour and materials and once the project is completed the facilities will be overseen by Community Owned Water Supply Organizations (COWSOs), who receives training in project management and water facility maintenance. The COWSOs is responsible for collecting a nominal user fee for the water and for maintaining the facilities. So far we have 24 active COWSO with one 15 established water points.